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Hiong Kong

I would highly recommend Jeff! Under his guidance, I was able to achieve a band score of 8 on my IELTS exam. He taught me specific strategies to improve my writing and gave me the support I needed.

Haniele 1



The best thing about Jeff's classes was that he encouraged me with simple advice. He  believed in my potential and helped me prepare for my career. I will always be grateful for his teaching!




Jeff  is one of the best teachers I've ever had! He is very meticulous and really creative. He helped me build up my English

nico and patricia

Nico and Patricia


Jeff is a great teacher! He showed us excellent ways to learn English: slang, vocabulary and grammar. We are fluent English speakers now. We would certainly recommend him.

valeria zoom



I met Jeff when I was preparing to take the Canadian immigration test. After one or two classes, I felt confident that I would achieve my goal. After getting a higher score than I needed, I decided to continue lessons and develop my skills even further. Moreover, he's an enjoyable teacher and his classes really are a pleasant moment of my week.




Jeff is the best English teacher! He pointed out my pronunciation errors and helped me correct them. Above all, I like his personality. He is always calm, his lessons are interesting and I always enjoy them.




Jeff has been so helpful in making sure I received the proper guidance and feedback from my assessment. He has done his best to give me the help I need. I'm glad I met a teacher like him.



South Korea

I loved Jeff's classes. He was always smiling, kind and witty. He always treated me with respect, integrity and patience. I recommend him!

me new 2

Frequently Asked Questions

I've taught English to thousands of students from over 90 different countries. I'm certified with TESOL Canada and  IELTS British Council. I also have an MA in Management and Leadership.

My method is interactive and conversational. You will learn grammar and improve your vocabulary in the context of real-life situations. I use the most recent and relevant online materials to create classes for your specific  needs.

Yes. You will have regular homework exercises to help you rapidly improve your English or test-taking skills. Regular feedback and email support is provided between classes as needed.

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