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English Level Assessment and Personal Consultation

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Are you looking for clear direction for improving your English?

Discover a clear path to improve your English language skills. With this assessment and a personal consultation with me, you will be able to determine your current level of English and the steps you can take to getting better. 

If you are preparing to write the IELTS Exam, this Assessment and Consultation can be a valuable step in determining if your English is at a high enough level. It will show you the exact areas you need to work on to bring it to where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

Top 10 Benefits

  • determine your level according to CEFR standards
  • understand the next steps for improvement
  • recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • receive feedback on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • get advice on how to select a teacher and program
  • discover an effective English learning strategy
  • form a personal plan for raising your level
  • set realistic goals
  • experience a relaxed and pressure-free consultation
  • find the motivation you need to get started



Jeff has been so helpful in making sure I received the proper guidance and feedback from my assessment. He has done his best to give me the help I need. I'm glad I met a teacher like him.



South Korea

I loved Jeff's classes. He was always smiling, kind and witty. He always treated me with respect, integrity and patience. I recommend him!

nico and patricia

Nico and Patricia


Jeff is a great teacher! He showed us excellent ways to learn English: slang, vocabulary and grammar. We are fluent English speakers now. We would certainly recommend him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a simple PDF report each week which explains what you did well in my class and what they need to practice more. 

We use Zoom online video communication. You will need to install the application on your notebook computer.

Yes. You will have regular homework exercises to help you rapidly improve your IELTS test taking skills.

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Discover a clear path to improve your English language skills

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